Dear delegates, participants and guests,

Welcome to the registration page of the 5th BWI World Congress which will take place in Madrid, Spain on 04 - 07 October 2022. We would like to encourage you to register by 25 March 2022.


If you would not be able to join the Congress event physically, kindly note that the BWI will be providing the necessary structure for your remote participation.

Please fill the form fully and accordingly to complete your registration. Upon your registration, you will receive a confirmation email. 

You will receive a notice to update your registration when additional information are further requested in the preparations of the Congress (for example flight details).


Our Regional Offices are ready to assist you for any clarifications. Please click here to see contact information of BWI offices.

Kindly note that under pandemic conditions, we need your mobile phone number and an emergency contact information to be able to contact necessary people in case of emergencies. 

For Congress elections, an electronic voting system will be used and each BWI affiliate's delegation should select a delegate as a head of the delegation who should vote on behalf of the union. Therefore, the BWI should list heads of BWI affiliated union delegations in order to make sure they will receive an ID number and a keycode to access the voting system online.


In this section, we would like you to select among Congress events which you would like to join (physically or remotely). Please visit the BWI Congress Program Overview to see detailed information on events either by clicking on Program section at the left-hand side menu or by clicking here.

04 Oct. 09:00-13:00 CEST  World Board Meeting

This meeting is for World Board members only. Any request to observe should be addressed to the BWI General Secretary. You can leave a comment indicating your request at the end of the section.

05 Oct. 09:00-13:00 CEST  World Council Meeting

This meeting is for World Council members only. Any request to observe should be addressed to the BWI General Secretary. You can leave a comment indicating your request at the end of the section.

The BWI will send you information on how you can join the selected meetings remotely online.


Kindly note that the BWI has a block booking with limited numbers of rooms at Madrid Marriott Auditorium Hotel and Conference Centre (Congress venue). We would like to get your attention to the point that during our Congress week, Madrid will be hosting various events which might make other hotels, particularly at the city center, fully booked. Additionally, please note that one-way taxi drive from city center to congress venue costs approximately Euro 30.

The single/double room price at Hotel Marriott Auditorium for BWI guests (including breakfast & taxes) is Euro 165 (around 187 USD or 171 CHF). To have more information on hotel booking, please visit "Hotel Booking" section at the left-hand side menu or click here.

If you would like to book a room at Marriott via the BWI, please answer YES to the next question. An online hotel booking link will be sent later.

We would like to remind the financial policy as follows:

1. BWI Statutes article 9.6: each affiliate may determine the number of participants (delegates) it send to Congress and must also pay for their expenses.

2. BWI will cover travel and accommodation costs for members (Titular members or substitutes replacing members) of BWI statutory committees as listed below and for days involved in their respective committees (art. 10.9,11.5).

  • World Board (04 Oct.) and World Council (05.10) members accommodation 2-3 nights
  • Presidium and Auditors members accommodation 4-5 nights

For more information, please visit "Financial Guide" section at the left-hand side menu or click here

Kindly note that you can choose provisional check-in and -outdates and edit your dates later by revisiting your registration form or by informing us via emailing to

Please indicate only if your flight details have been finalised. Otherwise, you can leave blank the flight details questions to fill these details later once your flights have been confirmed.


Kindly check if you need to apply for a short-term Schengen visa to enter Spain. Please note that visa applications are mostly to be submitted to intermediary application centers, so please check the procedure in your country and list of documents you would need.

Due to the pandemic, operations of Spanish Embassy/Consulate in your country might be slowed and thus, please consider that the application process might take a longer process than usual due to the pandemic conditions.

The information you will provide below will enable us to send you a personal invitation letter and a letter directed to respective Spanish Embassy/Consulate and any other necessary documents.

You may also consult online through this websiteon visa requirements:

When you submit the above registration you consent to have your personal data recorded by the BWI. Your information will be used for purpose strictly limited to BWI services. The BWI will not communicate your data to a third party.  For further information, please read our “General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)” section on left-side menu.

event registration made easy
 event registration made easy