Core values

Be friendly: humans first

We work with people and for people. That is the most important thing. If a process does not go smoothly or a system does not work properly, there is no reason to be unfriendly. Our customers and social network value us the most for our human side and our human way of dealing with them. At the same time, we may also expect to be treated as fellow humans by our customers and if necessary we may call them on it.


Do a good job, do it even better tomorrow

We get an 8 at the minimum but we prefer getting a 9 or 10. We do our very best to do everything a little better every time. In order to improve we have to learn from the mistakes we make. Nothing is as important as ruthlessly recognizing what is going wrong.


Do new things in new ways. Be leading

New technology and new ways of working distinguish us from the rest. If we tackle something we do not imitate the competitors, we only use their solution as inspiration for our own even better solution. We think outside of the box and we are leading in not only appearance, but also the techniques we apply. Everyone is responsible for innovation. If you see a chance to improve, say it.


Everything is not not our problem

If a customer, colleague or other relationship has a problem, then we also have a problem. We are not always the cause or responsible for the problem, but we always work on a solution. We are, however, always responsible for our commitment to this. If the customer has a problem with the event, it does not matter who caused it because if it is not successful no one gains anything.


Create value

We work to create value, for the customer, for the company, or for our colleagues. Everything we do is focused on this. We do not do work that does not add value. We are very strict in this. Do not do any work that you do not have to do. Do not work because you have to. Only work on things that add value.


Energy & perseverance

We work full of energy and with a good deal of perseverance on our projects.


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