Event streaming: all live stream equipment in one package.

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Watch the video

Watch the video
Watch the videoWatch the video

Footage to be proud of

automated editing

full HD

include presentation slides

the camera tracks the speaker

You organise, we take care of the rest

all the equipment you need

live stream straight away

receive the recording after the event

engineer at the event

Reuse valuable recordings

build a collection

full ownership

gather promotional material

edit and reuse

Get the viewer’s attentionGet the viewer’s attention

Get the viewer’s attention

A speaker in front of a webcam isn't the most energetic setting. The quality of the camera is low and the view doesn't change during the presentation. Television producers have known this for a while. There is a reason why in TV productions the angle changes every 10 seconds. It keeps the viewer’s attention. Event Streaming detects the face of the speakers and adapts the frame to their movements. When the speaker moves, the view follows. When the next slide is presented, the software switches the view to the presentation. This increases the viewer’s engagement and in turn, increases the event’s value.

Get the viewer’s attention

The frames edit automatically

Video editing, especially live, is mostly done by a production agency. Someone behind the buttons to edit the footage on the spot. Event Streaming takes over this role and edits the footage completely automatically due to smart software. You'll also receive the montage after the event. But also the raw footage will be sent to you if you want to edit yourself.

The frames edit automatically
The frames edit automaticallyThe frames edit automatically
The cameras are ready to goThe cameras are ready to go

The cameras are ready to go

Filming an event can be a lot of work and arranging the equipment can be a challenge. The cameras from Event Streaming are ready to go. The settings are pre-programmed. Our engineer helps you with the setup. Installing the cameras will only take a few minutes. You only need to determine where you want to place the cameras and find a power outlet to plug in the only cable you need. With every camera, you'll receive a tripod and a set of wireless microphones so the speakers can move freely on stage.

The cameras are ready to go

The live stream has been taken care of

The equipment is ready, the montage is done, but how do you set up a live connection with your audience? Event Streaming comes with an online environment, but you also have the option to use your platform of choice. The stream will be broadcast through a reliable connection. You don't need wifi: the camera has a built-in internet connection.

The live stream has been taken care of
The live stream has been taken care ofThe live stream has been taken care of
Set up, record and streamSet up, record and stream

Set up, record and stream

Recording and streaming your event has never been this easy. Set up the cameras, record the presentation and the stream is ready to start. We take care of the rest. Like you are used, Event Streaming is built to use without instruction. Our engineers are there to help in case you run into problems.

Set up, record and stream

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Want to know more about Event Streaming?
Want to know more about Event Streaming?Want to know more about Event Streaming?