Feature list

Depending on your package, some features are not available.

User accounts

Access everywhere – access your current and past events anywhere, anytime

Password – change your password securely through your own email account

Multiple events per user – create as many events as you want in one account. There's no charge for up to 5 registrations per event

Domain overview – manage your domain names purchased through aanmelder.nl

Event settings

Copy events – reuse your forms, layouts and settings at the click of a button

Access control – you control who has access to your event website

Choose language – set the language for your event, either English or Dutch. Choose a different language for each event

Choose package – choose the features you need for your event. You can always upgrade while the event is in progress

Invoice details – set them per event. Transfer participant fees to a different bank account or add extra details to your invoices, such as a purchasing order number

Co-organizers – invite people to organize an event together and set their access rights


Event website – use the modern templates of aanmelder.nl for your registration form, or customize your layout and styling to match your brand

Access control – you control who has access to your event website

Website pages – add as many additional pages as you want. You choose which pages are visible to your participants

Embedding – embed your registration form into an existing website

Domain name – register a domain name through aanmelder.nl and link it to one or more of your events, or use your own domain name

Menu – design the layout of your event website or use one of the pre-made templates

Google Maps – add a map to show your participants exactly where your event is taking place


Many question types – design your registration form by dragging and dropping open questions, check boxes, multiple choice questions, and many more

Dependent questions – questions on your registration form can depend on earlier answers, so each participant only needs to answer the questions that apply to them

Answer based pricing – available tickets and pricing can depend on the answers and choices in the registration form

Always editable – you can always change your registration form, from fixing typos to adding or replacing questions. You'll never invalidate previous registrations

Auto save – every change is saved immediately

Direct preview – see what your changes will look like for your participants

Limits – ensure you don't exceed your venue's capacity by adding limits to answers

Required questions – ensure important questions are answered before the form can be submitted

Invisible questions – add invisible questions only you as the organiser can see and edit

Text block – add additional information to your form as text elements


Banner – use your company logo or design a banner for your event website

Fonts – choose a font and font size for your website. Is your favorite font not included? Add it yourself using custom CSS

Colors – choose a color palette for your website, or choose your own colors, for text, buttons, invalid input and warnings

Custom CSS – add as much custom CSS as you like

Images – add images and customize the layout


Payment methods – offer your participants a choice of payment methods, including iDEAL, credit card, PayPal, and bank transfer. We manage most of the financial administration, including automatic invoicing and payment reminders

Discount code – send potential participants a unique discount code that adjusts the ticket price when entered on the registration form

VAT – set VAT on ticket components to 0%, 9% or 21%

Separate invoice address – when paying, participants can enter a separate address to send the invoice to

Edit invoice – as the organiser, you can edit and re-send participant invoices

Credit invoice – invoices can be credited if someone cancels or payment details need to be changed


Personalized messages – send customized invitations, reminders and annoucements to different target groups

Your brand – use your own branding and styling when creating messages

Text and images – add text and images in any kind of message to (potential) participants

Buttons – add buttons to let your guests register, unregister or edit their form

Upload contacts – upload a spreadsheet with names and email addresses of people you wish to invite to your event

Add contacts – add individual contacts to your address book or upload additional spreadsheets

Edit contacts – edit previously uploaded contact details at any time


Create participant groups – address different groups of participants based on their answers in your registration form

View or edit registrations – you choose whether your participants can view or edit their form after registration. As the organiser, you always have full access to your participants' registration forms

Overview – aanmelder.nl provides an up-to-date overview of registrations and cancellations

Participant list – download the list of participants and choose what information should be included in the spreadsheet

Find participants – search by first name, last name, email address or invoice number

Find by status – filter participants based on their registration status: registered, unregistered, payment pending, payment expired, etc.

Confirmation message – customize the confirmation message your participants receive after registering


Overview – choose to see vital statistics on your event dashboard: registrations, days until the event, number of page views, and pending payments

Download – download statistics per question in an Excel spreadsheet

Per question – see the number and distribution of answers

Share – share all or part of your statistics with third parties and manage or revoke their access rights

Up-to-date – all information in aanmelder.nl is always up-to-date, so you can track your stats at all times

Scan & Badge

On-site checkin – use our Scan & Badge service to hand out personalized full colour badges and track exactly who attended your event

QR code – send your participants a QR code as part of their confirmation, which can be printed or shown on a cell phone to check in at the event

Check in by name – if participants don't have their QR code, you can look them up by name to check them in

Live overview – with Scan & Badge you have an up-to-date overview of everyone that's present at your event

Multiple locations – scan participants' QR codes on multiple locations to collect information on who is attending which parts of the event

Engineer – our on-site engineer sets up the equipment, provides instructions on how to use the tablets and printers, and ensures everything works without a hitch