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We are happy to invite you to sign up for FASHIONCLASH Festival 2019, November 1-2-3 2019!

Do you want to be part of the 11th edition of FASHIONCLASH Festival? You can find more details concerning the program, concept and participation here.

Please send in your application together with all required attachments no later than Monday the 1st of April 2019.

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The 11th edition of the international & interdisciplinary FASHIONCLASH Festival.

FASHIONCLASH presents the 11th edition of the international & interdisciplinary fashion festival in Maastricht - FASHIONCLASH Festival (FCF).
During this three-day festival, over more than 100 emerging designers and (performing)artists from all over the world get the opportunity to show their work to a diverse, international audience. The multidisciplinary program contains fashion shows/presentations, exhibitions, installations, awards, fashion talks, theatre and dance performances and more.

FCF is all about discovering, stimulating and co-shaping the current developments in fashion and unlocking these developments for a wide audience.
FCF functions on the one hand as a platform for designers and artists and for showing the latest developments in fashion and on the other hand as a cultural manifestation where the role of fashion in the context of society is questioned and fashion is used to raise awareness. Using the art of fashion design, we dissect the changing awareness around our relationship with our environment and urgent issues to create new narratives and approaches around the subject of fashion.
The program is a reflection of the current spirit of the world through the art of fashion; an eclectic clash of visions, stories, and styles from outspoken and avant-garde new generation of designers


The content of the festival is based and curated on the substantive starting points from which all activities are developed: CLASH (avant-garde, the art of fashion, crossovers) and FASHION MAKES SENSE (innovation and awareness on urgent issues in the world).
The CLASH stands for the avant-garde and the innovative new fashion generation that seeks out the boundaries of the discipline. Clash stimulates and initiates interdisciplinary collaborations and presentations. The ‘Clash’ welcomes designers and initiatives that are shifting the boundaries of the discipline from their own practice and touching on the narratives related to fashion in the broadest sense of the word.
With FASHION MAKES SENSE, FASHIONCLASH aims to stimulate designers, the industry and the public to think about the state of the fashion industry. What is the importance and role of fashion in our society and how can fashion contribute to a better world and well-being?
Fashion exists beyond static garments and has a necessitated relationship with the wearer and its body. In a time where fashion has arguably stagnated, it seems more pertinent than ever that fashion is placed in a context that forces you to question its true value. FASHIONCLASH believes that redefining the values and norms of fashion contributes to a positive awareness process on our own responsibilities. After all, fashion is about people, human behavior, identities, society and cultures.

With the 11th anniversary of the festival, FASHIONCLASH aims to empower and celebrate the strength of fashion by sending out the message to the designers and the audience to look at the immaterial value of fashion as an artistic discipline. To use fashion as an instrument to actually contribute to the debates related to ecological, human, political and social issues in our world. Fashion as a second skin, tells your environment what relationship you want to have with it and simultaneously shows you what your heart beats for.

The Bleeding Edge of Avant-Garde Fashion’

Since 2009 it becomes something of a marker for the bleeding-edge of fashion design, letting participants imaginations’ run wild - and then presenting it all-in a fearlessly theatrical, thought-provoking manner. It now includes crossover collaborations with performance art, theatre, dance…all meant to forge a new cultural context and challenge the boundaries of our visual language.
- Black Book Magazine New York

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