MediaEval Workshop 2016

The MediaEval 2016 workshop brings together the participants of the MediaEval 2016 benchmarking initiative to report on their findings, discuss their approaches and learn from each other.

The MediaEval workshop will be held Thursday and Friday 20 and 21 October 2016 at the Netherlands Institue for Sound and Vision (NISV), Hilversum, Netherlands. The evening workshop events will take place at De Waag in Amsterdam.

To register click the link "Register" on the lefthand side of this page.

The workshop includes presentations by MediaEval task participants and invited talks. Technical retreat sessions allow task participants to delve into the details of their algorithms, and plan/discuss future work together. Poster sessions are planned to allow time to meet/exchange with other workshop participants.


The program will be announced shortly before the workshop, however the start- and end-times will not change from what is given here in order that you can plan your travel.

Wednesday Evening 19 October 2016 (Amsterdam)

"MediaEval Eve" Poster Session: overview posters, drinks and fingerfood
Location: Upstairs in De Waag (Nieuwmarkt 4, Amsterdam) 
Time: 18:30-21:00

Thursday 20 October 2016 (Hilversum)

MediaEval Workshop Day 1
Location: NISV (Media Parkboulevard 1, Hilversum)
8:00-9:00 Workshop Registration
9:00-18:00 Workshop

Thursday Evening 20 October 2016 (Amsterdam)

MediaEval Workshop Social Dinner
Location: Downstairs in the restaurant in De Waag (Nieuwmarkt 4, Amsterdam)
Time: 19:30

Friday 21 October 2016 (Hilversum)

MediaEval Workshop Day 2
Location: NISV (Media Parkboulevard 1, Hilversum)
9:00-18:00 Workshop

Saturday Morning 22 October 2016 (Amsterdam)

MediaEval Organizers meeting (See information below.)
Location: Amsterdam, to be announced.
Time: 10:00-13:00

Accommodation and Accommodation Logistics

The workshop registration covers the workshop only (including coffee, lunch and workshop dinner). Participants must book their own accommodation. We strongly suggest that you book your hotel right away. There are several events going on in Amsterdam around the time of the MediaEval Workshop and the hotels are expected to get full quickly.

You have a choice between staying in Hilversum (close to the workshop venue) or staying in Amsterdam (close to the evening activities). There are four train connections per hour between Hilversum Media Park Station and Amsterdam Central Station. The train takes between 32-36 minutes depending on whether you take the direct connection or whether you change trains (at Weesp train station). 

In case you would like to stay in Amsterdam, we suggest that you book accomodation near Amsterdam Central Station. We suggest that you reserve via (Amsterdam fact: is actually based in Amsterdam.)

The number of hotels in Hilversum is limited. If you prefer to stay near the venue we can recommend Tulip Inn in Hilversum. 

Note that there are other interesting Dutch cities very close to Hilversum. The train between Utrecht Central Station and Hilversum Media Park takes only 23 minutes.

Workshop venue and Travel Logistics

Workshop venue: The workshop will be held at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (NISV), which is located at Media Park Boulevard 1 in Hilversum, Netherlands. It is a two-minute walk from Hilversum Media Park trainstation. 

Map showing location of NISV

For train schedules and trip planning, visit the Dutch national train service website: 

About NISV: The mission of NISV is to preserve Dutch audiovisual heritage. It has one of the largest audio visual collections in Europe. The facade of the building consists of colored glass panels, each of which is a "keyframe" from a TV show or a film. In Dutch, NISV is called "Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid". More information about NISV is on their website.

Getting there: We suggest that you fly to Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam. The train station at the airport is conveniently located just under the arrival hall. Buy a ticket at the yellow ticket machines and head down the escalator/elevator. Amsterdam Central station is about 20 minutes by train from the airport, and Hilversum Media Park station is 45-60 minutes.  (We remind you to check to plan your journey.) We strongly suggest that you do not take a taxi from Schiphol to Amsterdam. There are issues with "fake" taxi drivers that will over charge you.

In case you are traveling to Hilversum by (high speed) train we suggest you travel to Amsterdam Central Station or Utrecht Central Station and take the train to Hilversum from there. 

If for some reason you arrive at Hilversum Central train station (instead of Hilversum Media Park train station), you can reach the Media Park by taking bus 107 from Hilversum Central station. This line stops in front of the entrance to NISV. Visit for Dutch bus times/routes.

About De Waag: The evening activities for the workshop will be held in De Waag in Amsterdam. The building was originally a gate in the city wall of Amsterdam, which was built in the Middle Ages to project the city from attack. It was built in 1488 as one of repeated initiatives carried out throughout the centuries to improve and/or extend Amsterdam's protections. Later the building became a "Weight House" (the English translation of "De Waag"), a public buidling in which goods were weighed for the purpses of trade and taxation. Guilds were also housed there. (Amsterdam fact: De Waag was the site of the Anatomical Theater, the location depicted in a famous Rembrandt painting.)

Currently the upstairs floors of De Waag are home to The Waag Soceity an institute for art, science, and technology dedicated to innovation in digital media. The poster session on MediaEval Eve (evening of Wednesday 19 October) will be held there. The downstairs floor is home to a restaurant at which we will have the social dinner (evening of Thursday 20 October). 

Workshop fee

The workshop fee is €240 for regular registration. Participants registering after 1 October will be charged a late fee of €10.

A need-based discount of €50 is available. In order to request a need-based discount, please write an e-mail to Saskia Peters (s.peters at tudelft dot nl) including:

  • your name,
  • your organization name,
  • the reason for which you are requesting the discount,
  • team name and the name of the task(s) (if you are a participant).

We realize there are a large range of reasons for which you may want to ask for a need-based discount. We anticipate that the most common reasons will be: You are a student (please include the name of your advisor in the email), you have recently graduated (please include the date of graduation), you are retired, your country's currency is weak with respect to the Euro (please include the name of your country explicitly), your project has recently run out of travel funding. Saskia Peters will reply to your mail by sending you a discount code which you can then use to register. Note that the need-based discount is organized by the honors system: if you need it please ask for it.

Travel Support

A limited amount of funding is available to support students and early-career researchers in attending the workshop. Details and deadline information is available at:


If you need a visa in order to travel to the Netherlands. Please register and then contact Saskia Peters (s.peters at tudelft dot nl) to tell her that you need a letter (specify your task in your email).

Organizers meeting

If you organized a task this year or if you are proposing/organizing a task for 2017, you should attend the organizers meeting from 10:00-12:00 Saturday 22 October. It will be followed by an optional self-pay lunch.

Note: After lunch, the “hard core” will gather to plan the logistics of MediaEval 2017. You are in the “hard core” if you are a current or former MediaEval task organizer and have time in the upcoming year to serve on one or more MediaEval logistic committees (e.g., Resources and Recognition committee, Workshop Coordination committee). Please contact Martha for more information on the “hard core” meeting.

Additional information

We have created a map of the MediaEval venues that also shows the relevant locations for ACM Multimedia 2016. We suggest taking the tram (streetcar) within Amsterdam. Note that getting a hotel along the tram line in Amsterdam or on train line going from Amsterdam Central station to Hilversum Media Park might be easier (and even handier) than getting one close to a specific venue. Finally: We recommend that you avoid taking a taxi within Amsterdam.


If you have questions please contact Saskia Peters

To register click the link "Register" at the upper lefthand side of this page.

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