MediaEval Workshop 2015

This is the official workshop information page. Additional information including travel tips, pictures, and instructions for posters/presentations is now available here:

The MediaEval 2015 workshop brings together the participants of the MediaEval 2015 benchmarking initiative to report on their findings, discuss their approaches and learn from each other.

The MediaEval workshop will be held Monday and Tuesday, 14 & 15 September  at Schloss Wurzen in Wurzen (between Dresden and Leipzig), Germany.

To register click the link "Registration" on the lefthand side of theis page.

The workshop includes presentations from MediaEval participants and invited talks. It also includes a "Practioners'" poster session in which projects, research sites and industry labs that are involved with MediaEval-related technology present an overview of their work.

The MediaEval 2015 Workshop is an official satellite event of ISCA's Interspeech 2015, which will be held in Dresden the week before. Note that we start on Monday 14 September in order to make sure that people attending CLEF 2015 are also able to attend MediaEval.


The program will be announced shortly before the workshop, however the start- and end-times will not change from what is given here in order that you can plan your travel.

Monday 14 September 2015

8:00-9:00 Registration
9:00-18:30 Workshop
18:30 Social dinner

Tuesday 15 September 2015

9:00-18:30 Workshop

Wednesday 16 September

10:00-13:00 Organizers meeting
(See information below.)

Getting to the workshop

Schloss Wurzen, Wurzen, Germany
Wurzen Castle, in German, "Schloss Wurzen" (Amtshof 2, 04808 Wurzen, Germany) is located on the western edge of the quiet historical heart of the city of Wurzen.

Map showing location of Schloss Wurzen

Wurzen is easy to reach with public transportation. There are direct trains from Dresden Main station (75 mintues, ca. 22 Euros) and Leipzig Main station (40 minutes, ca. 6 Euros). Once an hour from Leipzig there is a fast train that gets you to Wurzen in just under 20 minutes.

To reach Wurzen from abroad, we suggest that you fly to Dresden, Leipzig or Berlin. From Berlin the train takes about 2 hours and 20 minutes, a bit longer, depending on where in Berlin you start.

For the more adventurous, the train ride from Vienna or from Prague is beautiful, and takes you through classic stretches of European landscape. Information on trains is easy to find on the English version of the website of the German Railways,

About the location

Wurzen is one of the oldest cities (961 A.D.) that is located in the heart of the Free State of Saxony. The workshop will be held in Wurzen Castle, a castle built in the Late Gothik style during the 1490's, just as the Middle Ages gave way to the Rennaissance. Next to the castle is a small cathedral, which was consecrated in 1114.


The workshop registration covers the workshop only (including coffee, lunch and workshop dinner).

If you have a car, there is a nice hotel in the neighboring city Trebsen, and we can recommend Hotel Schlossblick Trebsen there. Trebsen also has a castle of its own.

Because of the fast train connection (20 minutes) it is also possible to stay in Leipzig. For instance, InterCity Hotel Leipzig is 300 metres from Leipzig Main Station. Note, however that the fast connection goes only once an hour, so you will want to be sure not to miss it.

Workshop fee

The workshop fee is €240 for regular registration. Participants registering after 1 September will be charged a late fee of €10.

A need-based discount of €50 is available. In order to request a need-based discount, please write an e-mail to Saskia Peters (s.peters at tudelft dot nl) including:

  • your name,
  • your organization name,
  • the reason for which you are requesting the discount,
  • team name and the name of the task(s) (if you are a participant).

We realize there are a large range of reasons for which you may want to ask for a need-based discount. We anticipate that the most common reasons will be: You are a student (please include the name of your advisor in the email), you have recently graduated (please include the date of graduation), you are retired, your country's currency is weak with respect to the Euro (please include the name of your country explicitly), your project has recently run out of travel funding. Saskia Peters will reply to your mail by sending you a discount code which you can then use to register. Note that the need-based discount is organized by the honors system: if you need it please ask for it.

Travel Support

The deadline has passed for applying for travel support. If you were granted travel support and have quesitons, please contact Martha Larson

Organizers meeting

If you organized a task this year or if you are proposing/organizing a task for 2016, you should attend the organizers meeting from 10:00-13:00 Wednesday 16 September. It will be followed by an optional self-pay lunch.

Note: After lunch, the “hard core” will gather to plan the logistics of MediaEval 2016. You are in the “hard core” if you are a current or former MediaEval task organizer and have time in the upcoming year to serve on one or more MediaEval logistic committees (e.g., Resources and Recognition committee, Workshop Coordination committee). Please contact Martha for more information on the “hard core” meeting.

Additional information

If you have questions please contact Saskia Peters

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