Call for abstracts

We invite researchers, academics, applied researchers and practitioners to submit abstracts of charging infrastructure related research, covering recent and finalized research in the field of charging infrastructure. This may include technical studies, energy modelling, vehicle2grid analyes, consumer research, empirical studies, data analyses and modeling and/or grid network studies. The abstracts will be evaluated by ARCHI’s scientific review committee to be made eligible for an oral presentation or a poster presentation. Deadline for submission is January 12th. 

Possible research Topics: 

  • Data analytics and modelling charging behaviour
  • Innovative charging technologies (fast charging, in motion charging, inductive charging)
  • Effects of technological developments on charging behaviour (e.g. battery size) (no battery chemistry)
  • Integration of charging demand in grid (energy modelling)
  • Vehicle2grid & smart charging 
  • Electric driving and energy transition


Submission guidelines for the Abstract

  • Word limit abstracts is 300 words maximum (pref. in English).
  • Abstract should provide clear overview of type of research that will be presented.
  • Abstract should clarify whether practical results can be presented.
  • Abstract should emphasize how the research relates to charging infrastructure
  • Name, affiliation/company
  • Preference for oral or poster presentation

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