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How to prevent and manage queues at events

Everyone knows the feeling: the day of the event has finally arrived. The night before, you feel butterflies in your stomach, wondering whether it's smarter to arrive early or later to avoid the crowd. Checking in can either be the start of an unforgettable experience or a disappointment. How do we ensure that the queue at the entrance is not seen as a nuisance but as the starting point of a fantastic day? In this blog, we provide practical tips and strategies to improve the waiting experience. Queues are inevitable at events, but with the right approach, they can be significantly enhanced. We dive deeper into the world of queues: how they arise and how to prevent them.

What is a queue and how are they formed?

A queue forms when the demand for a particular service (such as entry to an event) temporarily exceeds the supply (the speed at which entry can be granted). This can be due to peak times at arrival, insufficient capacity at the entrance, or even an overly complicated entry process.

What is waiting experience?

Waiting experience refers to how visitors perceive the wait. A positive waiting experience can enhance the overall experience of an event, while a negative waiting experience can dampen the excitement. Factors influencing the waiting experience include the duration of the wait, uncertainty about waiting time, and how the queue is managed.

Improve the waiting experience

  1. Inform Visitors: Transparency about the expected wait time can reduce frustration. Use apps or information boards to keep visitors informed.

  2. Entertainment and Distraction: Provide entertainment in the queue. Music, screens with videos, or live entertainment can make the wait more enjoyable.

  3. Efficiency and Speed: Optimize the entry process. Consider deploying more staff during peak times or using technology for faster ticket checks.

How to avoid queues? 9 Tips for a seamless queue experience

  1. Plan Ahead: A smooth check-in starts long before the first guest arrives. Ensure a clear and efficient online registration process, which not only saves time at the door but also gathers valuable data about your guests.

  2. Use Technology to Your Advantage: In the digital age, paper lists and manual check-ins are almost a guarantee for long queues. By using event management software, guests can swiftly check in via QR codes or NFC technology, granting access with a simple smartphone scan.

  3. Create Multiple Check-In Points: To avoid bottlenecks, it's essential to create multiple check-in points. Depending on the size of your event, consider special lines for VIPs, press, or pre-registered guests to keep the flow smooth.

  4. Training and Teamwork: A well-trained and informed team is crucial. Ensure everyone involved in the check-in process understands the procedure, from the technology to the most frequently asked guest questions. A friendly word and a smile can make all the difference in the perceived waiting time.

  5. Entertainment Equals Engagement: Why should waiting be boring? Fill the wait time with entertainment or informative content relevant to the event. This can range from live music and performances in the queue to showing teasers or informative videos about the event on screens along the line.

  6. Feedback Mechanisms: After the event, gathering feedback about the check-in experience is valuable. This can be done easily via an online survey or directly on social media. Use these insights to continuously improve your processes.

  7. Prepare for Peak Times: Analyze data from previous events to identify peak arrival times. Ensure you have extra staff or volunteers during these times to maximize the flow.

  8. Offer Alternatives: Provide alternatives for peak times. Consider early access for certain ticket types or incentives for visitors arriving outside peak hours.
    Queues may seem like an inevitable part of events, but with the right approach and preparation, you can minimize their impact. By investing in a positive waiting experience and efficient processes, you ensure your visitors have a fantastic time from start to finish.

  9. Communication is Key: Communicate clearly with your guests about what to expect upon arrival. Information about the check-in procedure, what they need to bring, and even the best time to arrive can help reduce pressure on check-in points. Consider collaborating with event software like aanmelder.nl to proactively inform your guests. This reduces uncertainty and enhances the overall experience.

Transforming Queues into Experiences

In today's event world where first impressions are indelible, optimizing the waiting experience is not a luxury but a necessity. By embracing innovative technologies, organizers can not only speed up the check-in process but also enrich it, turning waiting from a time-consuming inconvenience into an enjoyable part of the event experience. It offers a unique opportunity to start a positive dialogue with your visitors long before the event actually begins. Let's shape the future of events together, where every second counts and every experience matters.


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