Scan & Badge

Scan & Badge

Safe tickets

The tickets you create in contain a QR-code or barcode for automated validation of the tickets.

Quick ticket scanning

In no time you scan (e-)tickets of the participants, even for large amounts of event participants.

Get notifications

Receive a notification when predefined VIP guests check in at your event. This way you can welcome him/her personally.

Participant list

You have an up-to-date overview of the participant list. Easily search for participants if they have forgotten their tickets.

Works offline

Scan & Badge equipment is not dependent on a WiFi connection. Due to our 4G data cards, it works any time, everywhere.

Detailed overview

Real-time insights in the number of checked in participants. Clear statistics on the shows/no shows of your event.

Badge types

Small badge

  • 85 x 54 mm
  • Compact size
  • Fast printing speeds
Small badge
Small badge

Large badge

  • 106 x 85 mm
  • Double sided
  • Include workshops or other personal icons
Large badge
Large badge

Butterfly badge

  • 96 x 82 mm
  • Borderless printing
  • Double sided, folded sticker
Butterfly badge
Butterfly badge

Check-in event participants

Get clear insights of the shows and no shows of your event, based on the data of on-site check-in. This allows you to draw the right conclusions about turnout, participant groups and the marketing effectiveness.


Register the unregistered

Sometimes it happens that someone forgot to register for the event. No problem. On the Scan & Badge tablets they can register and check-in at once. You have the contact and invoice details to straighten the administration afterwards.


Badge printing on-site

The Scan & Badge printers print a full color personalized badge within 6 seconds. Design the badge yourself, of tell us what you would like to see on the badge. Combine answers in the registration form to color code the badges. Example: spreaker, participant and exhibitor a different color. Endless possibilities, but keep it functional.


Engineer standby

Our engineers are technical experts who know all there is to know about the check-in devices. The engineer will report one hour before the start of the event. He will put all the equipment in place and gives an instruction to the hosts. The engineer is standby for any questions during the check-in. Afterwards, the engineer will return the equipment to HQ.


Leadscan app Prospector

Make new connections and stay connected. Leadscan app Prospector enables effective networking at events. Exhibitors scan the QR code on the participants badge to exchange contact details. Leads are ready for follow up after the event. Explicit consent from participants precedes the information transfer. GDPR proof. Gain insight about the success of your event.

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Watch the video

Get a glimpse of Scan & Badge by watching the video. Event organisers share their experiences with Scan & Badge.

Watch the video

Watch the video
Watch the videoWatch the video

They work with Scan & Badge


Frequently asked questions


What is Scan & Badge?

Quickly check in participants at the entrance of your event and also immediately print a personalized badge? That is possible with Scan & Badge! With our tablets we can find and check in all participants, our printers print a personalized badge for every participant in seconds. Preprinting is not necessary because everything is printed on the spot.

What does Scan & Badge cost?

That depends on how large your event is and how many tablets and printers you want to use to check in the participants. If you want to know more about the costs of Scan & Badge, you can request a quotation on the website. Mailing or calling is also possible!

Is the use of Scan & Badge included in the price per registration?

Scan & Badge for your event is seperate from the costs of using for registering participants. Contact us for the possibilities.


What can I print on the badge?

There are so many possibilites! In addition to your participant's data you can print logos and for example a QR code to scan the presence at the workshops during your event. That way you can see who visited which sessions afterwards. Very useful for a possible follow-up after the event.

Can I supply my own design for the badge?

Of course! If you provide a design we can see exactly what information you want on the badge. The easiest way is to deliver your design as a PDF file, with any logos and fonts that you want to use submitted separately. Keep in mind that a badge must be functional: the information on the badge must remain legible.

What is the size of the badge?

There are 3 types of badges: big (paper), small (paper) and the butterfly badge.

The big paper badge: 106 x 85 mm. The small paper badge: 85 x 84 mm. The paper badges are used in combination with a plastic badge holder, to which you can attach a lanyard or clip.

The butterfly badge is 96 x 82 mm. The butterfly badge is a sticker with two customisable halves, which are stuck together by folding it after printing. A lanyard or clip attaches directly to the badge. The badge comes with three pre-perforated holes, suitable for lanyards with one or two hooks.

To what extent can I personalize my badges for participants?

Name and organization are shown on the badge by default, but it is also possible to print a personal plan with the workshops and rooms on the badge. Specific guests such as speakers or your own crew can be identified by using color codes or icons on the badge. Even dietary requirements for lunch or dinner can be done on the badge. If we have this information from the participants, we can put it on the badge. Think in advance of what information is useful for you to have on the badge, we like thinking along with you on how we can shape it!

The large badge and butterfly badge are double sided and can be personalized on each side.

Can we use our own badge holders?

You can! If desired, we can provide the badge holders, clips or lanyards too.

There is a spelling mistake on the badge, now what?

You can change the first name, last name and company name of a person on a tablet at the event and simply print a new badge.

Printers & Tablets

How many printers and tablets do I need for an event of 1000 participants?

We can check in about 100 participants per half hour with 1 printer and 1 tablet. How many printers and tablets you will need is also highly dependent on the plan of your event and the turnaround time. If you start your event with a workshop or session, then it is necessary that all participants are checked in on time. By using additional printers and tablets, you prevent rows at check-in and ensure that the participants are present on time with their first program component. For example: for 1000 participants who come in in an hour, you need about 5 printers and tablets.

Do you send the printers and tablets?

The printers and tablets are supplied by an engineer from The engineer also takes care of the construction. Afterwards, the engineer will also ensure that everything is neatly packed again. The engineer will be present at your event for 4 hours by default: 1 hour before check-in and 3 hours after check-in. Is this not enough? Then you can indicate this in advance, and we will take it into account in the planning. If you still want the engineer to stay longer at the event, please contact us by telephone so we can see what is possible. The costs are € 50, - per hour excl. VAT. At the end of the event you sign for the extra hours the engineer has stayed.

Is the use of the tablets difficult?

The check-in app on the tablets of is super user friendly. Anyone who has ever had a tablet in their hand can work with it and with the explanation of our engineer even a child would be able to operate it!

Do I need Wi-Fi for the printers and tablets?

No, the printers and tablets are linked together with a Bluetooth connection. Even if you use the tablets to scan the presence of the participants in workshops or part sessions, no Wi-Fi is needed.

I still expect late participants, what now?

Do you still expect late participants who still want to check you in? Then you can choose to pre-print the badges in advance. In consultation it is also possible to leave a printer and tablet at your event, so that you can still check in these participants. An appointment will be made with you on when the items should be returned to, by courier or on their own.


Do you also take care of the hosts who do the check-in?

You provide the hosts, we provide one of our on-site engineers. Our engineer takes care of the build-up and briefing of the hosts and stays for 3 hours after the start of the check-in to guide the hosts.

What is needed for the build-up?

We start an hour before the check-in starts with the build-up. It's nice when the physical check-in is ready for us: The tables or counters are in the right place and the power points are ready. In addition, it is also useful if all hosts are present for the briefing of our engineer, so that they know how everything works.


Can I register participants on site and give them a badge?

It may happen that attendees think they signed up correctly but for some reason did not. That is not a problem at all. The participants can sign up and check in directly on the on-site tablets. That way you have the right contact and invoicing data to finish the administration smoothly aftwards.

I also want to know how many participants there have been at a workshop to award their accreditation points.

We can also print the personal QR code of a participant on the badge, which we can then scan again at the entrance of a workshop, so you know exactly who has been where and at what time.

I want the presentation to participants from part sessions, is that possible?

Yes, that's possible! After your event you can send mailings to the participants who attended your event. You can do this by creating groups of participants at the registrations section by selecting the participants with the status 'Checked in'.

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