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MediaEval 2017

Please fill out this form in order to participate in the MediaEval 2017 benchmark. Descriptions of the tasks are on the MediaEval 2017 webpage. It is possible to return to this form at any moment to edit your registration. 

NB: A MediaEval team consists of one or more researchers who collaborate to carry out a MediaEval task or tasks. Please note that there should be only one registration per team. If someone else has already registered for your team, you do not need to register.

Please register for one of more of the following tasks by checking the corresponding box or boxes. An overview of the individual tasks is on the MediaEval 2017 webpage, or click the task titles for detailed descriptions. Note that if you register for more than three tasks, we ask you to provide (in the text box below) an explanation of the special circumstances that would allow your team to handle such a large volume of effort within the MediaEval 2017 schedule.

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