Are you a Dutch Offshore Wind company with the ambition to accelerate your business activities in the United States?

Or is the United States East Coast the next landing spot for your Offshore Wind business?

Travel with us to Washington DC and Boston and delve into the biggest offshore-hubs on the US east coast. Our visit starts in Washington DC at the AWEA Offshore WINDPOWER 2018 Conference and is followed by an exclusive ‘market entry program’ of two days in the Boston area. This mission is organized by InnovationQuarter, HHWE, IRO, NWEA and the Holland Innovation Network (Consulate Boston, Embassy in Washington).

As participants we look for both leading companies, scale-ups and startups. Plentiful activities in Washington and Boston will help pioneers to accelerate their current business activities in the US and support ambitious newcomers to kick-start their market entry to the American east coast.

Interested in how we can help you follow-up your participation in this economic mission? A cooperation between Greentown Labs (the biggest cleantech incubator of North-America) and InnovationQuarter offers participants a unique opportunity. More information can be found under the ‘BOSteRDAM Cleantech Link’ Program’ tab on the left.


Mission statement:

Overarching goal: assistance and guidance in developing a US offshore-wind market entry strategy. This will be done largely trough;

  1. Exploring the (economic) prospects of scaling up your business in or to the US;
  2. Accelerating your market entry strategy and/or business development activities;
  3. Getting in contact with local offshore experts to get up-to-date on the latest US trends and developments. Dive further into the local offshore ecosystems, learn more about laws and regulations and discuss your ambitions and challenges with leading companies in the US;
  4. Sharing and learning from fellow offshore-entrepreneurs partaking in this mission;
  5. Discover the possibilities of the network expansion program ‘BOSteRDAM Cleantech Link’, set up by InnovationQuarter and leading US incubator Greentown Labs


Please note: The organisation of this economic mission is subject to the privacy policies of the participating organisations (please refer to the respective websites for additional information). Your data may be shared for organisational purposes, but will not be forwarded to third parties without your prior written consent

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