Are you a museum maker? Would you like to learn more about digital technology and ideally develop tools for exhibitions yourself? Sign up now for MuseumCamp Amsterdam! Camp will be held from 8 to 10 July 2016 in the Allard Pierson Museum in Amsterdam. Join in and create a unique exhibition in three days with other museum makers.

The promise that digital technology holds for the museum experience is a hot topic. Yet many museums have yet to figure out how to embrace it. What choices are available to them? What technology best suits their aims? In a three-day pressure cooker camp, you will investigate the possibilities and create a unique exhibition that incorporates new forms of storytelling. The Allard Pierson Museum and the Special Collections provide participants with objects, spaces and stories. MuseumCamp Amsterdam will bring together a group of passionate and talented professionals who are keen to learn from and with each other in various workshops and activities. The theme is MuseumMakers and the camp offers you the chance to work with new technologies. 

Prepare yourself for three intensive days, during which you will learn all about creating exhibitions and using digital tools. The programme costs €200 per participant, including coaching, the opportunity to gain experience with digital techniques, and food and drink. All participants are welcome to camp overnight in the museum. Of course, you are also welcome to arrange alternative overnight accommodation if preferred.

Do you work in a museum or cultural heritage institution? Sign up now for MuseumCamp Amsterdam. If you cannot afford the participation fee, please let us know and we will try to find a solution in the form of a partial scholarship. 

MuseumCamp Amsterdam is an ‘all-in’ experience. We ask every camper to fully commit to MuseumCamp. The days will start early and may run quite late. We will use our time together to dine, discuss, discover, learn and work towards a common goal. 

MuseumCamp Amsterdam is presented in partnership with:

Allard Pierson Museum

Special Collections, University of Amsterdam

Waag Society

The DEN Foundation (Digitaal Erfgoed Nederland / Digital Heritage Netherlands)

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Crossmedia Research Group

Reinwardt Academy

Netherlands Museum Association

MeSch (Material Encounters with Digital Cultural Heritage)

CEMEC (Connecting Early Medieval European Collections)


Museumcamp Amsterdam is sponsored by

izi.TRAVEL museum audio guides


event registration made easy
 event registration made easy